Does your law firm want to delegate some of your legal functions and start focusing on your core business activities? If yes, look towards India for a high-quality, cost-effective and fast legal process outsourcing services. If your law firm has not yet started outsourcing, then it’s time to give LPO a rethink. You may want to know more about the legal process outsourcing services, the benefits you can leverage and what you can expect from outsourcing legal services to India.

Why choose India for legal outsourcing services?

As per recent surveys, India is the most favored destination for LPO services among legal firms located in the US. India’s qualified lawyers with knowledge about the US common law system, favorable time zone difference and fluency in the English language have made India popular when it comes to legal services.

Key benefits of outsourcing services to India:

  • Quality Services & Large Talent Pool – Outsourcing to India can give you access to a large pool of trained and qualified attorneys and paralegals who will provide you with error-free top quality services, within your deadline. There is easy access to skilled lawyers, experienced paralegals, subject matter experts (SMEs), coders and legal document specialists.
  • Time Zone – India has a unique 12-hour time difference with the US. Most legal service providers in India work on a 24/7 basis and provide round-the-clock support. You can send in your work in the night and have them ready by the next morning!
  • Cost Effective – Since there is a marked difference in the cost of labor between India and the U.S for professional services, outsourcing can bring in huge cost savings. India’s legal services are inexpensive and cost up to 80% less than the US legal firms. You will also not have to spend on recruitment or training costs.
  • Security and Privacy – The LPO Service providers in India take proper measures to preserve the high security of client’s data. Confidentiality is crucial for legal work and this aspect is totally taken care of by Indian Legal firms.

Moreover, India has a healthy business environment and high-quality service delivery capabilities.

Outsource legal services now!

We at Lex Process have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the top LPO firms in India. Our dedication and expertise have helped clients achieve their goals in a minimal amount of time.  Please reach out to us to know more about our legal services and how we can give your law firm a competitive advantage.

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