Litigation Support Services

Reviewing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to focus on only the relevant documents is a big challenge because it is a time-consuming, cost intensive and resource draining task.

Our trained and experienced litigation support team will ease your burden by providing streamlined and first-rate document review services by using set processes to deliver the best work product. Our service includes reviewing plethora of documents for responsive documents, conducting first pass and second pass review, identify privilege and confidential documents.

Deposition Summaries: Deposition transcripts are often voluminous and analyzing these transcripts is a time consuming task. Our team of Litigation Support Services are trained in summarizing the deposition transcript testimonies of the witnesses to present them in the Court. We also prepare a digest of Deposition Summaries in chronological order for a quick reference.


  1. Stringent confidentiality and security protocols.
  2. Efficient Workforce
  3. Quality Assurance –with two levels quality check process.
  4. No errors or discrepancies in work product.
  5. Simplify complex language of testimonies in clear and concise manner.
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