About Us

Lex process is an ISO 27001 certified Legal support services company with a singular mission to improve the performance of law departments of global corporations, international law firms and government departments keeping the highest standards of client confidentiality and data protection.

We provide unparalleled solutions to address the risk, efficiency and effectiveness goals of our clients. Our dedicated team of medical coding and billing experts, attorneys and medico-legal staff drive economies of scale and knowledge in the area of litigation support services, medical billing and coding, contracting, medico-legal cases, immigration, intellectual property and general legal and operations to deliver efficiency and productivity benefits to our clients.

What we do

We have a comprehensive portfolio of services in Contracts Management, Medical Billing and Coding, Medico-Legal and Immigration cases. We are an ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant organization with special emphasis on client confidentially and data protection.

What can you expect from us

At Lex Process, we are truly motivated by your needs with a sustained aim of improving and achieving the high standards you expect from us. Our recruitment process ensures that only the qualified, highly skilled and highly motivated are hired. We strive to earn your trust so we can better serve your firm’s specific needs. Our team is adept at handling complicated and routine projects and can customize our deliverables per your requirements and format. Being a HIPAA compliant organization, our clients always trust us to deliver quality solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Uniqueness Of Lex Process

  • ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant organization
  • Rigorous recruitment process for hiring professionals.
  • Highly qualified and experienced team of Attorneys, Medical Professionals like M.B.B.S. Doctors, Physicians.
  • Dedicated team focused on providing round the clock medico-legal solutions.
  • Customization of work-products in order to relate to the needs and requirements of the clients.
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