Medico-Legal Services

Attorneys and Paralegal staff are often troubled by medical charts and having to organize, summarize and review them. Processing medical records in-house presents its own sets of problems impacting the efficient use of staff resources. Not to forget the leviathan of paper that needs to be managed as well as the scanning of electronic delivery and storage. Lex Process can provide a viable option with the aim of reducing turnaround time, overhead, costs and increasing revenues.

Our team of Medical Professionals include physicians and experienced attorneys who help reduce, organize and review digital files in order to produce Medical Chronologies and Timelines, Demand Letters and Medical Malpractice Review. Lex Process employs a team of physicians to handle specific litigations related to medical malpractice, nursing home, motor vehicle claims, and premises liability among others to provide excellent quality on an unfailing basis with rapid turnaround times. We are an ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant organization and our employees receive HIPAA training with ongoing education.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

It is commonplace to think that hiring a full time, in-house staff is better than using 3rd party services. However, the process of hiring an in-house staff can be onerous (not to mention the daily need to manage the workload and performance of in-house staff). As is often the case with medico-legal cases, demand fluctuates and in times of rush, having one in-house employee to provide medico-legal services can have an austere effect on the work-product as well as turnaround time. The need for a dedicated office space and equipment are always an additional caveat in such circumstances. Lex Process provides a feasible solution along with factors such as reliability, decreased overhead and customized experience to meet your needs and requirements on a daily basis.

  • Categorization and sorting of medical records.
  • Final work-product is a comprehensive text-based summary of medical records presented chronologically in order for it to be easily understandable as a sequence of events.
  • Highlighting of important points.
  • Enabling highlighted noted and post-its to be attached to the medical chronology.
  • Medical chronology format correctly records the dates of medical records, procedures, treatments together with customized fields as per your requirements.
  • Deliverables in WORD and PDF formats.
  • OCR search available for keywords and phrases.
  • 50% reduction in review time.
  • Organization and review of medical records by Medical Professionals like M.B.B.S. Doctors, Physicians.
  • Chronological presentation of record summary for better understanding of sequence of events.
  • Narrative summary is ideal for demand and deposition preparation.
  • Identification of duplicate and missing records.
  • Deliverables in WORD and PDF formats.
  • Review of medical records, bills and expenses by qualified and experienced Attorneys and physicians.
  • Demand Letters accompanied by medical chronology.
  • Deliverables in WORD and PDF formats.
  • 50% reduction in review time.
  • Deliverables in WORD and PDF formats.

Qualified and experienced Attorneys and supporting team at Lex Process provide organized summaries of the entire deposition transcript which saves your reviewing time and costs. We use a web-system which makes it easier for you to send us deposition transcripts and receive our completed summaries.

Medical Billing is a process wherein we extract the patients’ expenses for all the services rendered to them by the hospitals or healthcare providers to enable the lawyer to ascertain the patient’s expenditure in order to obtain the relevant compensation. Medical expenses are placed into an excel sheet. This serves as a concrete platform for attorneys to better understand the individual and total expenses encountered by the patient due to an injury. We have a wide array of billing services such as consolidated medical expenses, demand bills and insurance based medical expenses. This also helps the attorney to identify the missing records and missing bills.

A ”privilege log” is a document that describes documents or other items withheld from production in a civil lawsuit under a claim that the documents are “privileged” from disclosure due to the attorney–client privilege, work product doctrine, joint defense doctrine, or some other privilege.

Our offerings in Mass Torts – Drugs & Devices

  • Medical Chronology
  • Medical Record Tagging & Bookmarking
  • Proof Notes
  • Plaintiff Fact Sheets
  • Case Management

Uniqueness of Lex Process

  • ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant organization
  • Rigorous recruitment process for hiring professionals.
  • Highly qualified and experienced team of Attorneys, Medical Professionals like M.B.B.S. Doctors, Physicians.
  • Dedicated team focused on providing round the clock medico-legal solutions.
  • Customization of work-products in order to relate to the needs and requirements of the clients.